Balloon Twisting is a fun art to watch.  We provide unlimited balloons and keep your little ones entertained throughout the entirety of our contracted time. If time permits, our artist typically teaches the little ones how to transform their own balloons. Kids absolutely love it and so do the adults!

Face Painting adds a WOW factor to any party. Simply being transformed into something you never thought you could be just makes it more exciting and fun. We have received many positive comments from clients that have loved our work.


Story time, Puppet Show, Art in Canvas, Sing along with a guitar, Music & Games for all ages; after all we are never too old to play, right? Music & Games have always been an excellent way to keep everyone entertained as a group. Story Time  & Sing Along are a wonderful moment from babies guests. Puppet Show give your party a WOW moment for parents and Kids,  Music & Games are perfect to have if you want to keep the kids busy while you entertain your guests. We have games for all ages, from 2 years old and up. Games range from traditional to contemporary. We also provide prizes for the games for a minimal fee so you don't have to worry about providing anything.